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Link Building Strategies for Higher Search Engine Rankings

When it comes to search engine optimization, getting other websites to link to your website is the most important factor in achieving top search engine rankings. Here is a list of 10 link building strategies which you should be implementing for top search engine rankings (in no particular order):

Write quality articles – write quality articles that other websites will want to post on their websites and link to. The higher the quality of the article, the more one-way links you’ll get. The best articles to write are ‘how-to’ and informational articles. Stay away from self-promotion.

Start a WordPress blog – setup a WordPress blog on your website and post articles to it once per week. It’s a great way to build the size of your website, keep your website content fresh and get incoming links. Plus Google loves WordPress!

Syndicate your articles online – take the articles that you’ve posted to your blog and syndicate them on article directories such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles, so that other website owners can post them on their websites.

Submit your website to online directories – submit your website to free SEO friendly website directories for a quick way to start building one-way links to your website.

Submit your blog to blog directories – use RSS Submit software to submit your blog to blog directories. Use both the automatic and manual submission tools.

Exchange links with relevant websites – exchange links with high quality, relevant websites in your field. This can be extremely powerful, as long as you are very selective with whom you exchange links with.

Use social bookmarking – submit your blog posts and other high value content to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Aside from the one-way link you’ll get and the (short-term) top Google ranking, you can hit the ‘jackpot’ by getting to the first page of, where you’ll receive thousands of one-way links.

Syndicate press releases online – write newsworthy press releases and syndicate them online at press release syndication sites such as PRWeb. If the release is good enough, you can get a lot of one-way links to your site.

Post comments on industry blogs – post high value comments on other blogs in your industry to spark discussion. Even if the comments are ‘nofollowed’, you can still get links to your site from other bloggers that refer to your posts.

Link between your web pages – use contextual links in your website copy to link to other pages within your websites. Each of your pages should have some PageRank.

Importance of back links and search engines

As a general rule, get linked from websites within your particular discipline. This is important for two reasons:

1. The more people see you linked to within a particular discipline, the more impressed they are likely to be, as Web linking is akin to word-of-mouth. If people see links to you on lots of other websites, that’s a major credibility builder.

2. Search engines like to find logical patterns and groupings for links, and tend to reward you if you are well linked in a particular pattern once the person is searching for a keyword related to that pattern. (This is not always the case, however, as we will see below at “Strengthen your weak ties.”)

Immutable Laws of Branding and online Marketing

I have just given those laws, But in the book they are dealt in detail.

The  Immutable Laws of Marketing:

1. It is better to be first than it is to be better.
2. If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.
3. It is better to be first in the mind than to be first in the marketplace.
4. Marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perceptions.
5. The most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the prospect’s mind.
6. Two companies cannot own the same word in the prospect’s mind.
7. The strategy to use depends on which rung you occupy on the ladder.
8. In the long run, every market becomes a two horse race.
9. If you are shooting for second place, your strategy is determined by the leader.
10. Over time, a category will divide and become two or more categories.
11. Marketing effects take place over an extended period of time.
12. There is an irresistible pressure to extend the equity of the brand.
13. You have to give up something to get something.
14. For every attribute, there is an opposite, effective attribute.
15. When you admit a negative, the prospect will give you a positive.
16. In each situation, only one move will produce substantial results.
17. Unless you write your competitor’s plans, you can’t predict the future.
18. Success often leads to arrogance, and arrogance to failure.
19. Failure is to be expected and accepted.
20. The situation is often the opposite of the way it appears in the press.
21. Successful programs are not built on fads, they’re built on trends.
22. Without adequate funding, an idea won’t get off the ground.

The Eleven Immutable Laws of Internet Branding

> The Internet can be a business or a medium for your brand, but not both.
> Interactivity is the single most important ingredient of any Internet site.
> The kiss of death for an Internet brand is a common name.
> Being second in a category is tantamount to being nowhere.
> You have to be fast. You have to be first. You have to be focused.
> Everyone is talking about convergence while just the opposite is happening.
> Build a brand that will dominate a category over an extended period of time.
> Find a proper name (instead of a common one) for your Website.
> Take your brand into the global marketplace.
> Avoid the biggest mistake in Internet branding: the belief that you can do everything.
> Take advantage of the transformations that will occur in all aspects of life, thanks to the power of the Internet.

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